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Dick Cheney Calls His Current Health "a Miracle"

For Obama and the Democrats who've stood behind Obamacare during four years of relentless attacks from Republicans -- including a face-off that led to a 16-day government shutdown and a threat of U.S. default -- failure of this magnitude would discredit a core premise of this presidency , that government can do big things to improve Americans' lives. Although there are signs of incremental improvement, HealthCare.gov is unable to reliably allow consumers toko obat diabetes to create accounts , verify their identifies, apply for tax credits available to low- and middle-income people or shop for health insurance plans. Insurers are receiving bad enrollment data and states are reporting difficulties in accessing the federal system. The administration won't say how many people have signed up so far, but its reported goal of enrolling 500,000 people this month appears difficult to reach.

Health care experts note that many businesses have been swallowing high single-digit increases to their health care costs for years yet continue to offer medical benefits to retain and attract good workers. Still, rising costs for employers can mean stagnating paychecks for employees. Even without the health care reform law, every year weve seen the trend of our deductibles and co-pays getting a little bit higher, said David Lindgren, corporate compliance officer at Rosemont, Ill.-based Flexible Benefit Service, which serves health insurance brokers. This kind of escalates that. To dodge the 2014 rate increases, a record number of Michigan businesses are choosing to renew their existing health insurance plans a month or two early and lock in 2013 rates, according to insurance brokers and two major carriers.

Some companies, like United Parcel Service Inc., have dropped coverage for spouses who are eligible for coverage elsewhere. Others are reducing employer subsidies for dependents. Local firms like Walgreen Co., Sears Holdings Corp. and Addison Group LLC are moving workers to private exchanges run by Aon, Mercer and other benefits consultants. The approach offers employees more options and control over their health insurance, but it also is intended to save companies money by reducing their exposure to rising costs.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: "We know that it is causing cancer in humans," scientist says Air pollution is now officially a carcinogenic, the World Health Organization says It is the world's most widespread environmental cancer causing agent Others diseases aggravated by pollution are heart disease and respiratory ailments (CNN) -- The air many of us breathe poses serious health risks, the World Health Organization says. On Thursday, it added cancer to the list. Air pollution is a now officially a carcinogen, and there are no caveats about the new classification. "We know that it is causing cancer in humans," said spokesman Kurt Straif. In 2010, lung cancer resulting from air pollution took the lives of 223,000 people worldwide.

Cheney's 60 Minutes interview will be broadcast Sunday, Oct. 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. Before he had a heart transplant 20 months ago, Cheney was a seriously ill man who had undergone several life-saving procedures, including the implantation of a defibrillator.

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